Meet the team working behind the scenes who brings you the latest information and perspectives on arts and culture in Asia and Europe:

TEAM @ the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF)

Valentina RICCARDI

Editor in Chief
Associate Director, Culture Department (ASEF)

Valentina is Associate Director in the Culture Department. She has coordinated since 2009. She is the General Editor in charge of the editorial strategy of the website as well as the all commissioned content, including series, special reports and featured articles. In ASEF she is in charge of ASEF’s digital projects in culture.


External consultants

The following consultants are working in close coordination with the team@ASEF:


Piero Zilio

Online Communication, Social Media and Web Analytics Coordinator

Piero Zilio is a key communication expert and senior knowledge management specialist with 20 years of professional experience designing and managing a wide variety of communication projects in over 50 countries across Oceania, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe.




Technical coordinator

Timothée is the technical coordinator for ASEF culture360 since 2013 and a professional nomad by trade. An advocate for a free, open and neutral Internet, he loves all things digital - with a soft spot for arts, culture, and academic research.




Website Editor

Judith STAINES is a freelance writer, researcher, editor and evaluation expert based in the UK. Current projects include Asia-Europe arts and culture exchange, culture and development programmes and policies and international cultural mobility. She has been the Editor of the culture360 website since 2010.